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Created November 17, 2012 02:46
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Sample email config for Digest Email gem
# sample_digest_email.yml
# Parses with the digest_email ( gem
# See the result of running this file through the gem here:
title: "Weekly Digest"
subtitle: November 12th 2012
- list_title: New, Easy Email Digests
title: We have nice simple email digests!
body: |
This is an example of a simple digest item.
In this example it might be for a potential industry placement - for example, check out the rather nice suitcase image on the left
These fields can use markdown so:
1. We can use lists
2. We can *italicize* and **bold** words
3. We can easily write [links](
- list_title: Robotics Hackathon
title: These aren't the droids you're looking for...
body: |
Another sample sigest item. This one is all about a fantasy hackathon!
I imagine it would be held at Imperial and there would be more information [here](#)
[here](#) and [here](#)
Finally there would be the bombshell that it's **TOMORROW!**
For more details contact *[Peter Hamilton](*
signature: -- DoCSoc Committee 2012
sponsors_image: # Bottom Sponsor Banner
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