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__author__ = 'eoglethorpe'
"""take election info from
and convert it to JSON
import json
import requests
from lxml import html
URL = ''
def get_data():
page = requests.get(URL)
tree = html.fromstring(page.content)
tbl = tree.xpath('//*[@id="state-list"]/table[1]/tbody')[0]
states = []
#find children of results cols (3,4) as the values are children
for r in tbl:
cur_state = []
for i,c in enumerate(r):
if i < 3:
add = c.text
add = c.getchildren()[0].text
return states
def clean_data():
#fix dates and results column
states = get_data()
#states[x]: date | state_nm | num_del_tot | del_won_hil | del_win_bern
cur_date = states[0][0]
for r in states:
if not r[0]:
r[0] = cur_date
cur_date = r[0]
#results (cell is in format of result/needed prediction... don't need prediction)
if r[3][0] == '/':
r[3] = None
r[4] = None
r[3] = r[3].split('/')[0]
r[4] = r[4].split('/')[0]
return states
def jsonify():
conv = []
for r in clean_data():
conv.append({'date' : r[0],
'state' : r[1],
'num_del_tot' : r[2],
'del_won_hill' : r[3],
'del_won_bern' : r[4]
return json.dumps(conv)
print jsonify()
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