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class SLuxCar extends Car {
public SLuxCar(int cc, String airMode) {
this.engine = new Engine(cc).getCost();
this.airCond = new Aircond(airMode).getCost();
this.carMode = "SLuxCar";
public String expensive(LuxCar lc) {
if(lc.price() < this.price()) {
return "Yes!!";
return "No!!";
public class JPA06_3 {
public static void main(String args[]) {
SLuxCar llc = new SLuxCar(2000,"Auto");
System.out.println("SLux cost: " + llc.cost());
System.out.println("SLux price: " + llc.price());
LuxCar lc = new LuxCar(2000,"Auto");
System.out.println("Is llc more expensive than lc? " + llc.expensive(lc));
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