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rm -fr /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment
mkdir /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:01:09 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-01.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:02:19 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-02.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:03:29 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-03.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:04:39 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-04.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:05:49 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-05.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:06:59 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-06.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:08:09 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-07.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:09:19 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-08.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:10:29 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-09.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:11:39 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-10.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:12:49 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-11.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:13:59 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-12.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:15:09 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-13.jpg
ffmpegthumbnailer -i -t 00:16:19 -q10 -s0 -o /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment/screencap-14.jpg
ls -l /tmp/ffmpeg3-experiment
echo "DONE!"
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