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How to debug Interactive Examples in Kuma


First set this in your kuma .env file:


Now, start kuma (docker-compose up) and navigate to a page that as an Interactive Example. In a separate terminal go into the interactive-examples repo and type:

npm run start

And that should start something on http://localhost:9090. Now viewing MDN pages should put the iframe to http://localhost:9090/... and it should work.

Play with bob

Suppose you want to try a local version of bob in the interactive-examples and not just what's available on Go into the interactive-examples project and run the following:

npx install-local ~/dev/MOZILLA/MDN/bob && node node_modules/.bin/mdn-bob

And, immediately after than, run:

npm run start-server


The <iframe src=".... gets set when you render the page. So you might need to re-render those so that it changes to <iframe src="http://localhost:9090/....

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