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Created Feb 11, 2021
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diff --git a/files/en-us/mdn/index.html b/files/en-us/mdn/index.html
index e006e5247..62d92ecef 100644
--- a/files/en-us/mdn/index.html
+++ b/files/en-us/mdn/index.html
@@ -4,9 +4,8 @@ slug: MDN
- Landing
- MDN Meta
+sidebar: mdn
<p><strong>MDN Web Docs</strong> is free-to-use resource on which we document the open web platform. Our mission is to provide <em>developers</em> with the <em>information</em> they need to <em>easily</em> build projects on the <em>web platform</em>.</p>
<p>This is the landing page for the MDN project itself. Here you'll find guides on how the site works, how we do our documentation, what guidelines and conventions we adhere to, and how you can help.</p>
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