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Created Feb 23, 2021
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import sys
import csv
from collections import Counter
csv_file, email = sys.argv[1:]
class color:
PURPLE = "\033[95m"
CYAN = "\033[96m"
DARKCYAN = "\033[36m"
BLUE = "\033[94m"
GREEN = "\033[92m"
YELLOW = "\033[93m"
RED = "\033[91m"
BOLD = "\033[1m"
UNDERLINE = "\033[4m"
END = "\033[0m"
with open(csv_file) as f:
reader = csv.reader(f)
headings = None
for line in reader:
if not headings:
headings = line
email_value = line[67]
if email.lower() in email_value.lower():
row = {x: line[i] for i, x in enumerate(headings)}
print(color.BOLD + f"EMAIL: {email_value}" + color.END)
counters = {}
for key, value in row.items():
if "We plan to follow up on this sur" in key:
if not value:
if ":" in key:
heading = key.split(":")[1]
if heading not in counters:
counters[heading] = Counter()
counters[heading][value] += 1
for question in counters:
print(color.BOLD + question + color.END)
for answer in counters[question]:
print(f" - {answer}")
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