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Created March 31, 2017 19:21
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Django management command to delete old celery tasks from database using batches of adaptive size
import time
from import BaseCommand
from django.db.models import Max, Min
from django.db.utils import ProgrammingError
from djcelery.models import TaskMeta
class Command(BaseCommand):
help = 'Delete old celery tasks'
def handle(self, *args, **options):
result = TaskMeta.objects.aggregate(Max('id'), Min('id'))
id_min, id_max = result['id__min'], result['id__max']
"Total: %r, ranging from %r to %r"
% (TaskMeta.objects.count(), id_min, id_max)
if id_min is None or id_max is None:
self.stdout.write("Nothing to do, exiting")
id_max -= 100
self.stdout.write("Decreased finish down to %d" % id_max)
step = 100
start = id_min
while start < id_max:
finish = start + step
deleted, _ = TaskMeta.objects.filter(id__gte=start, id__lt=finish).delete()
"For range %d-%d deleted %d objects"
% (start, finish, deleted)
step = int(step * 1.05)
start = finish
except ProgrammingError as exc:
step = max(10, step / 2)
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invoke with cleanup_tasks

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I made a short write-up about this management command at

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