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Peter Jones peterellisjones

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peterellisjones / rotate_certs.rb
Last active Feb 19, 2020
BOSH-generated certificate rotation script
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'yaml'
require 'json'
# Simple Ruby script to rotate bosh-generated certificates
# Requires a BOSH deployment manifest that uses certificate variables and the original credentials file
# Outputs 4 credentials files that should be deployed one at a time, in order
View concourse-hello-world.yml
- task: say-hello
platform: linux
type: docker-image
repository: alpine
peterellisjones / player-fixtures.csv
Last active Jul 22, 2018
Player-fixture performance for all 2018-2019 FPL players' 2017-2018 FPL fixtures
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We can't make this file beautiful and searchable because it's too large.
0,10,0,0,0,3,0,0,9,0.6,0,0,443,0,0,9,0,2,0,1.9,443,0.4,0,2017-08-13T15:00:00Z,13 Aug 16:00,0,0,9,0,0,12,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,25136,0,0,0,0,4,18.0,0,0,0,0,50,False,0,0,Aaron_Cresswell,443,402,55459,1,21,defender
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Hi Vitalii,
> do I need to create subdomains (system, login, uaa, apps) in AWS Route53
> do I need to bound my domain and subdomain somehow to PCF? Or the installation process had to do it for me?
You can create a wildcard subdomain (* and alias using the instructions here:
> what is the correct url to open the PCF UI?
If you mean Ops Manager, it is whatever DNS entry you created and pointed to the Ops Manager public IP address in this step:
peterellisjones / vm_types.yaml
Created Feb 24, 2017
GCP custom vm types in terms of AWS vm sizes
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- name: m3.medium
cpu: 1
ram: 3840
root_disk_size_gb: 10
root_disk_type: pd-ssd
ephemeral_external_ip: true
preemptible: true
- name: m3.large
peterellisjones / Chess Perft test positions
Last active Jun 5, 2020
Test positions for debugging chess engines. Formatted as JSON array of FEN strings
View Chess Perft test positions
"fen":"r6r/1b2k1bq/8/8/7B/8/8/R3K2R b QK - 3 2"
"fen":"8/8/8/2k5/2pP4/8/B7/4K3 b - d3 5 3"
View Periodic Table Elements JSON Format
"atomic_number": 1,
"abbreviation": "H",
"atomic_weight": 1.008
"atomic_number": 2,
"abbreviation": "He",
"atomic_weight": 4.003
View Subscription Aware React Router for Meteor
@Router = React.createClass
mixins: [ReactMeteor.Mixin]
routes: React.PropTypes.arrayOf(
path: React.PropTypes.string.isRequired
render: React.PropTypes.func.isRequired
subscriptions: React.PropTypes.arrayOf(
peterellisjones / gist:288992fcf2e1e70df003
Created Jan 29, 2015
Unit testing external library calls in Meteor
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# example class / prototype to test on the client
class ClientThing
clientFoo: -> 'serverFoo', 'bar'
# client-side test
describe 'ClientThing', ->
clientThing = new ClientThing()
describe '#clientFoo', ->
it 'calls serverFoo with "bar"', (test) ->
peterellisjones / go.go
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Line 19 Compiles with Go 1.3.3
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package main
import "fmt"
type poolJSON struct {
Clusters []clusterJSON `json:"clusters"`
type clusterJSON struct {
InstanceID string `json:"instance_id"`
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