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Replacement for Xamarin.Forms.OnPlatform which supports the Windows (WinRT) platforms.
namespace InTheHand.Forms
/// <summary>
/// Replacement for Xamarin.Forms.OnPlatform which supports the Windows (WinRT) platforms.
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="T"></typeparam>
public sealed class OnPlatform2<T>
public OnPlatform2()
Android = default(T);
iOS = default(T);
WinPhone = default(T);
Windows = default(T);
Other = default(T);
public T Android{ get; set;}
public T iOS { get; set; }
public T WinPhone { get; set; }
/// <summary>
/// The value to use for WinRT (Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1).
/// </summary>
public T Windows { get; set; }
/// <summary>
/// Currently unused.
/// </summary>
public T Other { get; set; }
public static implicit operator T(InTheHand.Forms.OnPlatform2<T> onPlatform)
case Xamarin.Forms.TargetPlatform.Android:
return onPlatform.Android;
case Xamarin.Forms.TargetPlatform.iOS:
return onPlatform.iOS;
case Xamarin.Forms.TargetPlatform.WinPhone:
return onPlatform.WinPhone;
case Xamarin.Forms.TargetPlatform.Windows:
return onPlatform.Windows;
return onPlatform.Other;
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peterfoot commented Oct 13, 2015

To use OnPlatform2 from XAML add an XML namespace directive e.g.

Then use in your XAML wherever you want to provide platform specific values e.g.

<Grid.Padding> <forms:OnPlatform2 x:TypeArguments="Thickness" iOS="5" Android="5" Windows="0,10,0,5"/> </Grid.Padding>

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