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A programming checklist for you to fill out every time you make a pull request to make sure you end up with good code
  • Did you write tests? Are they mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive? Do they pass?
  • Did you get a code review?
  • Have you verified that your code works, outside of tests?
  • Is your code DRY?
  • Did you follow the single responsibility principle at different levels of detail throughout all your functions, objects, files, folders, repositories, etc.?
  • Is your code readable? Can someone else tell you what it does?
  • Is your code self-documenting? Did you explain strange choices? Did you write documentation about how it works?
  • Do all your variables have self-explaining names?
  • Did you avoid writing overly long functions?
  • Do you document what your function inputs are? Are you explicit about what preconditions must be true about your function inputs? Are you explicit about what postconditions will hold about your function outputs, if the preconditions hold?
  • Did you follow the style guide?
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