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Last active April 9, 2023 15:22
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How to use XAMPP to test PHP on your own computer

So this is a guide for how to use XAMPP to test any PHP website on your own computer. Well, actually, it's more a guide of guides than an actual guide. I personally didn't find the process to be bad, but it also wasn't straightforward, and it involved a lot of googling separate problems. There was no One Guide for the Entire Process, but a bunch of separate things.

So I decided to put everything together. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install XAMPP. Download from here.

Step 2: Set up XAMPP. Follow instructions here.

Step 3: Go to PhpMyAdmin and create any relevant MySQL tables, if any.

Step 4: Change the password for PhpMyAdmin (login to PhpMyAdmin, and click “Users” at the top).

Step 5: Get unlocked out from PhpMyAdmin.

Step 6: Edit your database access script to reflect the new PhpMyAdmin credentials.

Step 7: Change the temp dir in the php.ini file to point to a directory that’s writable. (See: How to edit php.ini and some more ideas on tmp_dir.)

Step 8: If you're having users upload things, make sure your copies of folders where you want uploads to go are writable.

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