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Quick hack for a Biopython conversion question
from Bio import SeqIO
with open("CP008802.txt", "w") as output:
for record in SeqIO.parse("CP008802.gbk", "genbank"):
print("Converting %s" %
for f in record.features:
if f.type != "gene":
locus_tag = f.qualifiers["locus_tag"][0]
if len( > 1:
print("What should we do for %s (compound location)? %s" % (locus_tag, f.location))
output.write('%s\tGenBank\t%s\t%i\t%i\t0,000000\t%s\t.\tlocus_tag\t"%s"; transcript_id "%s"\n'
% (, f.type,
f.location.start + 1, f.location.end, f.location.strand,
locus_tag, locus_tag))

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@peterjc peterjc commented Jun 2, 2015

Assuming you've saved as a plain text GenBank format file in the current directory as CP008802.gbk, this will write CP008802.txt and print the following on screen:

$ python
Converting CP008802
What should we do for FB03_00005 (compound location)? join{[0:6](-), [2158322:2159306](-)}
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