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Let's build a React Native app in 20 minutes - React Berlin #1 (April 2015)

A bit of context

This is a companion Gist for a talk that I gave at React Berlin in April 2015. The fine folks at Bitcrowd recorded all three of the evening's talks, so you can watch mine at

Hi there!

React Berlin - Meetup #1

Peter Magenheimer (@peterjmag)
I'm a front end developer at ResearchGate. And yes, we're hiring.

Git repos

The web app we'll be "porting"

The end result (hopefully!)

If you'd like to follow along, check out ReadingListIOS's commit history. I'll be following similar steps during my talk (though not necessarily in exactly the same order).

React Native

Talks from FB


Component and API docs

They're in a state of... flux. =) But they're still not bad.

More resources

This community roundup on the React blog has a number of good React Native things

Some scattered links along the way

NavigatorIOS component

[Ninja edit from the future: has been down for a while, so here's a mirror:]

Inline styles?!

Some good tips on isolation of components
(It's a bit buried in the docs, but good stuff nonetheless.)

StyleSheet API good practices


TouchableHighlight component

WebView component

Testing a React Native app on your iPhone / iPad

I might reference (or steal code from) FB's "Movies" example:

Components, components, components!

Higher-Order Components

Smart and Dumb Components

Stuff I used in the web app


ECMAScript 6

Babel (formerly 6to5) - Use ES6+ today

webpack - Browserify on steroids

React Hot Loader


I'd love to hear it! Feel free to talk to me afterwards, tweet at me, or just add it as a comment on this Gist. If you'd like to give me private feedback, that's cool too—just email me at

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