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Forked from heiny/EncryptDecryptRDCMan.ps1
Created October 7, 2021 22:21
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Powershell: Encrypt/Decrypt Remote Desktop Connection Manager Credentials
# There is no facility to replace passwords in RDCMan once they are stored. The only way is to create a new custom credential.
# If you open your *.rdg file in a text editor, locate the stored <password>, you can then decrypt it using this script.
# This script can also encrypt a plain text password in rdg format which can be used to overwrite an existing one in the xml.
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Security;
Function EncryptPassword {
param([String]$PlainText = $null)
# convert to RDCMan format: (null terminated chars)
$withPadding = @()
foreach($char in $PlainText.ToCharArray()) {
$withPadding += [int]$char
$withPadding += 0
# encrypt with DPAPI (current user)
$encrypted = [Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData]::Protect($withPadding, $null, 'CurrentUser')
return $base64 = [Convert]::ToBase64String($encrypted)
Function DecryptPassword {
param([String]$EncodedPasswordString = $null)
$decoded = [Convert]::FromBase64String($EncodedPasswordString)
$decryptedBytes = [Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData]::Unprotect($decoded, $null, 'CurrentUser')
$decryptedString = [Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetString($decryptedBytes)
# trim null terminating chars from padding (does not account for pwds with spaces in them)
$sb = [System.Text.StringBuilder]::new()
foreach($char in $decryptedString.ToCharArray()) {
if($char -ne 0) {
$sb.Append($char) > $null
return $sb.ToString()
# round trip test
$plainText = 'AllYourPasswordsAreBelongToUs'
# encrypt
$encrypted = EncryptPassword($plainText)
Write-Host "Encrypted Base64 Encoded PWD: $encrypted"
# decrypt
$decrypted = DecryptPassword($encrypted)
Write-Host "Decrypted PWD: $decrypted"
# assert equality
if($plainText -ne $decrypted) {
Write-Error "Round trip failed!"
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