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Peter Neubauer peterneubauer

  • Neo Technology
  • Malmö, Sweden
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peterneubauer / .surfingkeys
Last active Mar 2, 2018 — forked from marcusramberg/.cvimrc
surfingkeus settings
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// only keep E, R and T from Surfingkeys for and
unmapAllExcept(['E','R','T'], /|;
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//This is intended to be viewed from
var project_title = 'Life at the Ny Ålesund Polar Research village';
var project_subtitle = 'Mapillary for research';
var images = [
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var project_title = 'Testte';
var project_subtitle = 'stest';
var images = ['OLp7WDtFIsOlJdQHXHY3Hg'];
var titles = ['hej'];
var content = ['content'];
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peterneubauer / .block
Last active Mar 9, 2016
mapillary-js perspective photo + Esri Leaflet, map clicking support
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license: CC-0
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Add the lon/lat info from the gpx file

python ./ ~/Downloads/harry/20140406 ~/Downloads/harry/20151208012858-66158-data.gpx

Split the images into time sequences using the defaults for time and sequence max-length

python ./ ~/Downloads/harry/20140406   

resulting in different folders that can be uploaded via the Mapilary web upload, setting the max-images to more than 300 if necessary.


ScoutSigns User Manual


ScoutSigns is a JOSM plugin to help you quickly map speed limits and other information from actual road signs automatically captured by Scout and Mapillary users.

The sign information is collected by people like you! The latest version of Scout has a ScoutSigns mobile component built right into the app. (Right now, the ScoutSigns component is only available for iOS for iPhone 5 or better.) If you mount the phone on the windshield while driving with Scout (and you opt in) you will automagically contribute to this fast growing sign database that is free for the OSM community to use. Could not be easier!

NEW On top of that, ScoutSigns will also pull in the highest quality signs from Mapillary! As a mapper, it is likely that you already know the fantastic Mapillary project - an open source Street View is the best way to describe it. Recently, [Mapillary starte


Bulk-uploading images taken outside Mapillary apps

Prepare the data

Copy the images from your Action Cam into a folder structure where every folder contains the images that will form one sequence (taken in consequtive 2s intervals)

tree  ~/Downloads/colombia 
└── 01
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