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US Primary Interstates - Feature Engineering Example
#!/usr/bin/env python
import bigml
from bigml.api import BigML
# You need to define BIGML_USERNAME and BIGML_API_KEY in your environment, or
# add them here:
#api = BigML(username, api_key, dev_mode=True)
api = BigML(dev_mode=True)
# Create the source from S3
source = api.create_source("s3://bigml-public/csv/us_primary_interstates.csv", {
"name": "US Primary Interstates"
# Wait for it to be ready
# Create a 1-click dataaet, and wait
dataset_by_num = api.create_dataset(source)
# Create a model to predict Direction, excluding Is Long
model_by_num = api.create_model(dataset_by_num, {
"name": "US Primary Interstates - by Number",
"excluded_fields": [ "Is Long" ],
"objective_field": "Direction"
# Create a new dataset by adding a field isEven, using a json s-expression
dataset_by_even = api.create_dataset(dataset_by_num, {
"new_fields": [ {
"field": '[ "=", 0, [ "mod", [ "field", "Highway Number" ], 2 ]]',
"name": "isEven"
} ],
"name": "US Primary Interstates - by isEven"
# Model this new dataset, letting it choose between HIghway Number and isEven
model_by_even = api.create_model(dataset_by_even, {
"name": "US Primary Interstates - by isEven",
"excluded_fields": [ "Is Long" ]
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