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Last active June 18, 2022 16:07
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Build Metal Library from Shell
# This is a gist from
# If you want to know what the hell is happening here check
# Create intermediate representation from Metal files
METAL_FILES=`ls /path/to/metal/files/*.metal`
for path in $METAL_FILES
xcrun -sdk macosx metal -c $path -o ${FILE_NAME}.air
# Archive AIR files to single MetalAR file
AIR_FILES=`ls /path/to/air/files/*.air`
for path in $AIR_FILES
xcrun metal-ar r default.metalar $path
# Build Metal Library from MetalAR archive
xcrun -sdk macosx metallib default.metalar -o default.metallib
# Clean up
rm default.metalar
for path in $AIR_FILES
rm $path
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