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Installing SSHPASS

SSHPass is a tiny utility, which allows you to provide the ssh password without using the prompt. This will very helpful for scripting. SSHPass is not good to use in multi-user environment. If you use SSHPass on your development machine, it don't do anything evil.

Installing on Ubuntu

apt-get install sshpass

Installing on OS X

petrewoo /
Created Oct 10, 2016 — forked from bgreenlee/
Variant of that accepts a logger instead of stdout/stderr #python
import subprocess
import select
from logging import DEBUG, ERROR
def call(popenargs, logger, stdout_log_level=DEBUG, stderr_log_level=ERROR, **kwargs):
Variant of that accepts a logger instead of stdout/stderr,
and logs stdout messages via logger.debug and stderr messages via
petrewoo /
Created Jul 4, 2016 — forked from enaeseth/
Load YAML mappings as ordered dictionaries
import yaml
import yaml.constructor
# included in standard lib from Python 2.7
from collections import OrderedDict
except ImportError:
# try importing the backported drop-in replacement
# it's available on PyPI
from ordereddict import OrderedDict
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