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Last active Feb 23, 2021
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How to have redis-cli and psql installed on machine using Docker

How to install redis-cli and psql client on your machine with Docker

Preparing docker images

We will use minimalistic Linux distribution called Alpine (5MB)

Dockerfile of redis-cli

FROM alpine:latest
RUN apk --update add redis

ENTRYPOINT ["redis-cli"]

Creating redis-cli docker image (~7MB)

docker build -t redis-cli .

Dockerfile of psql client

FROM alpine:latest
RUN apk --update add postgresql-client


Creating psql docker image (~7MB)

docker build -t psql .

Add aliases into our ~/.bash_profile

Place these lines into your .bash_profile

alias psql='docker run --rm -it psql'
alias redis-cli='docker run --rm -it redis-cli'

Restart your terminal and that's it

You can test it by running this:

redis-cli --help
psql --help

Bear in mind that dotfiles (rc files) will not work with this configuration.

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