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Last active September 17, 2023 04:32
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What would you like to do? API


You need to provide Authorization header in form Basic yourtoken and User-Agent header


  • /api/fresh
  • /api/popular
  • /api/search

All endpoints accept offset and limit (max 1000) query params. Search endpoint also requires query endpoint.


curl -H "Authorization: Basic yourtoken"

    "fullName": "ridi/URLKit.swift",
    "numStars": 1,
    "repoURL": "",
    "lastIndexed": "2021-04-29T18:14:01Z",
    "id": "634B7931-CA80-4755-B692-DE3BE6921BB1",
    "latestRelease": "0.2.4",
    "lastReleaseAt": "2021-04-29T18:14:01Z",
    "description": " A Swift URL* additions from RIDI",
    "pushedAt": "2021-04-29T12:14:28Z"
    "description": "Extensions and base classes for macOS views and windows",
    "repoURL": "",
    "lastIndexed": "2021-04-29T18:10:03Z",
    "id": "B2F7FE20-2C4C-4368-B493-8DD510310CFD",
    "numStars": 0,
    "latestRelease": "1.0.3",
    "lastReleaseAt": "2021-04-29T18:10:03Z",
    "pushedAt": "2021-04-29T17:16:03Z",
    "fullName": "mr-elbe5/SwiftyMacViewExtensions"

Requesting Access Token

Exposing the API is one big experiment and I really wonder what people will want to use it for. Please email or send me a twitter DM @ptrpavlik, explaning what you'd like to use the API for. Scraping the API to build your own web version of a swift package catalog is not allowed, and your token will be rejected if I find out.

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How can i get a token for the API?

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@pavelaron I've just added a section how to request an API token.

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