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Loading GraphQL data (GitHub API v4) into PowerBI
// This script shows how to use M language (Power Query Formula Language)
// to read data from GitHub API v4 using a POST request.
// This can come in handy when building PowerBI reports that utilize GraphQL endpoints for loading data.
vUrl = "",
vHeaders =[
#"Authorization"="Bearer <your_personal_token_here>"
// Notice the quote escaping here
vContent=Text.ToBinary("{""query"": ""{ organization(login: \""github\"") { name }}""}"),
Source = Web.Contents(vUrl, [Headers=vHeaders, Content=vContent]),
#"JSON" = Json.Document(Source)
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desaim commented Oct 13, 2022

@elimey , I think you may be having issue because your query is not in one line and there are linebreaks. I had similar issues as well and that's what fixed it.

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desaim commented Oct 13, 2022

@petrsvihlik on the topic of parameters, I am running a graphql query which pulls a list of team names and I would like to use that as parameter to get list of repo names, I understand that this may not be possible as the query storage type is Import vs Direct Query, is there alternative means to accomplish this objective? I had tried to follow the link you had shared in previous posts but I am not able to do what is described as the values I am getting is a list and I dont know how i can programmatically define the selected value in the query itself. Again, I think this may be a limitation of import vs direct query. I even created a table and entered the list in manually but I am not getting an option to do parameter binding on the actual parameter

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