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Edit Exercise bookmarklet for Codeacademy
javascript: (function() {
try {
var b = location.pathname.match(/\d+$/)[0] - 1,
c = CCDATA.composer.current_project,
p =,
e = c.checkpoints[b]._id
} catch (g) {
return console.log(g.message)
var''+p+'/exercises/'+e+'/edit', '_blank');
javascript:(function(){try{var b=location.pathname.match(/\d+$/)[0]-1,c=CCDATA.composer.current_project,,e=c.checkpoints[b]._id}catch(g){return console.log(g.message)}var''+p+'/exercises/'+e+'/edit','_blank');win.focus();})();

Bookmarklet for easy access to edit mode on Codeacademy course exercises (where you have author / contributor rights).

Based on SCT viewer.

Drag editCA to the bookmarks bar, edit to replace the target with this code.


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@fanaugen fanaugen commented Mar 6, 2014

Great to see that the SCT viewer has been helpful in creating this! It’s pretty cool, I remember being annoyed by having to manually switch exercises when working in edit vs. preview mode. Cheers!


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@petskratt petskratt commented Apr 4, 2014

btw - do you happen to know if there is a preview+debug mode currently live, one that displays SCT errors on console like menitoned at the bottom of

I struggled with fixing Estonian translations without a solution to debug SCTs, was a great possibility to learn visual/manual debugging of course :-)

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