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@pezholio pezholio/gist:364477

Created Apr 13, 2010
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A helper function for UK Postcodes, adapted from the original function I wrote for the Ernest Marples service
function ernest_marples($postcode) {
$postcode = str_replace(" ", "", $postcode);
$url = "". urlencode($postcode) .".csv"; // Build the URL
$file = file_get_contents($url);
if (strpos($file, "html") === FALSE) { // Some error checking - if the file contains html, then we've been redirected to the homepage and something has gone wrong
$pieces = explode(",", $file);
$result['postcode'] = $pieces[0];
$result['lat'] = $pieces[1];
$result['lng'] = $pieces[2];
} else {
$result['error'] = TRUE; // If an error, return one
return $result;
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