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Stuart Harrison pezholio

  • Birmingham / London
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curl | tr -s '\015' '\n' | grep -v UID | cut -d ',' -f 1,2 | sed "s:\(.*\),\(.*\):number \1, \2,:" | say
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"saon": {
"name": "823 SALISBURY HOUSE"
"paon": {
"name": "29"
"street": {
"geometry": {
pezholio / import.rb
Last active Jan 15, 2020 — forked from dnagir/import.rb
Regenerate the source of an Octopress blog (if you're an idiot and forgot to commit the source like me)
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require 'rubygems'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'fileutils'
require 'date'
require 'uri'
require 'find'
@posts = {}
@drafts = {}
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* Plugin Name: PB Responsive Images
* Plugin URI:
* Description: Adds support for the proposed responsive image format in post content, and helper functions for theme authors.
* Author: Phenomblue
* Version: 1.3
* Author URI:
* -------------------------------------
pezholio / README.markdown
Created Mar 5, 2012 — forked from gudbergur/README.markdown
Bootstrap's Typeahead plugin extended (allowing for AJAX functionality) among other things
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This is a fork of a fork of Bootstrap Typeahead that adds minimal but powerful extensions.

I've added a couple of lines to the original fork to stop the default behaviour when tabbing. For the proper source, please see the original gist.

For example, process typeahead list asynchronously and return objects

  # This example does an AJAX lookup and is in CoffeeScript
    # source can be a function
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L.TileLayer.Bing = L.TileLayer.extend({
supportedTypes: ['Road', 'Aerial', 'AerialWithLabels'],
attributionTemplate: '<span style="display:inline-block">' +
'<a target="_blank" href="">' +
'<img src="{logo}" /></a><br><span>{copyrights}' +
'<a style="white-space: nowrap" target="_blank" '+
'href="">' +
'Terms of Use</a></span></span>',
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<!DOCTYPE html>
Basic OniApollo/StratifiedJS Twitter Client application scaffold.