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Python script that finds and runs other scripts, passing them each an open Database connection.
import glob
import sys
import os
import sqlite3 as sqlite
def LoadScripts(scriptFolder):
''' Returns a list of module references '''
# Find Script Files:
scriptFiles = glob.glob(os.path.join(scriptFolder, "Script*.py"))
print "Found %d Script Files" % (len(scriptFiles))
# Load scripts:
loadedScripts = []
for scriptFile in scriptFiles:
# Get full module name:
scriptName = os.path.basename(scriptFile)
scriptName = os.path.splitext(scriptName)[0]
folderName = os.path.basename(scriptFolder)
fullModuleName = "%s.%s" % (folderName, scriptName)
# Import Script:
script_module = __import__(fullModuleName, fromlist=["fullModuleName"])
# Store reference to Script:
except Exception, e:
print "Something went wrong while loading script file \'%s\'" % scriptFile
print e
return loadedScripts
def RunScripts(databaseFilename, loadedScripts):
# Open DB:
connection = sqlite.connect(databaseFilename)
# Keep a list of completed scripts so scripts can test if they are ready to run:
namesOfCompletedScripts = []
success = True
# Keep passing over list until everything has been run:
while (len(namesOfCompletedScripts) < len(loadedScripts)):
nothingExecutedOnThisPass = True
# Iterate over scripts:
for script in loadedScripts:
# Check if this script has been run or not:
if (script.Name not in namesOfCompletedScripts):
# Ask script if it is ready to run -
# - give it a list of completed scripts:
if (script.CanRun(connection, namesOfCompletedScripts)):
# Run script:
nothingExecutedOnThisPass = False
print "\n%s not ready to run" % script.Name
except Exception, e:
print "Something went wrong while running script %s" % script.Name
print e
success = False
if (nothingExecutedOnThisPass):
# If nothing executed on this pass, we're stuck -
# - the remaining scripts won't run
print "\nThe following scripts were successfully run:"
print namesOfCompletedScripts
if (len(namesOfCompletedScripts) < len(loadedScripts)):
print "Some scripts failed:"
for script in loadedScripts:
if (script.Name not in namesOfCompletedScripts):
print "\t" + script.Name
except Exception, e:
print "Something went wrong while applying scripts to DB"
print e
# Close DB:
if __name__ == "__main__":
if (len(sys.argv) != 3):
print "\n\tRequires two arguments:"
print "\n\t\ {databasefilename} {scriptfolder}\n\n"
databaseFilename = sys.argv[1]
scriptFolder = sys.argv[2]
# Load Scripts:
loadedScripts = LoadScripts(scriptFolder)
RunScripts(databaseFilename, loadedScripts)
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