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Last active November 23, 2021 17:04
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Reset all slicers in the current sheet of a Google Spreadsheet
* Resets all slicers in the active sheet using the Apps Script Spreadsheet Service.
* Context:
* Calling setColumnFilterCriteria(columnPosition, null) or trying to modify
* in some other way the current filter criteria of a slicer whose criteria
* has already been set manually (using the GUI) won't have any effect.
* So, this function clones & deletes all slicers, instead.
* ⚠️ Limitation: Size cannot be programmatically set, at this moment.
* Pablo Felip (@pfelipm)
* @OnlyCurrentDoc
function resetSheetSlicers() {
try {
const s = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
const oldSlicers = s.getSlicers();
SpreadsheetApp.getActive().toast('All slicers in the active sheet will be reset.', '🤖 Reset Slicers says:', -1);
// 1. Get array of params of all slicers
const params = => {
// Get configuration of a single slicer
return {
columnPosition: oldSlicer.getColumnPosition(),
containerInfo: oldSlicer.getContainerInfo(),
range: oldSlicer.getRange(),
title: oldSlicer.getTitle(),
titleHorizontalAlignment: oldSlicer.getTitleHorizontalAlignment(),
titleTextStyle: oldSlicer.getTitleTextStyle(),
backgroundColor: oldSlicer.getBackgroundColorObject(),
pivot: oldSlicer.isAppliedToPivotTables()
// 2. Remove old slicers, needs to be done BEFORE creating the new ones, otherwise they will (surprise!) inherit filter criteria!
oldSlicers.forEach(oldSlicer => oldSlicer.remove());
// 3. Create new instances of all slicers
params.forEach(slicerParams => {
const newSlicer = s.insertSlicer(slicerParams.range, // range is only really needed for the first new slicer
// Clone settings
// Apply background color only when of a known type (not default), otherwise throws exception
if (slicerParams.backgroundColor.getColorType() == SpreadsheetApp.ColorType.RGB ||
slicerParams.backgroundColor.getColorType() == SpreadsheetApp.ColorType.THEME) {
// Set slicer filter criteria so that it shows everything
newSlicer.setColumnFilterCriteria(slicerParams.columnPosition, SpreadsheetApp.newFilterCriteria().whenFormulaSatisfied('=true')) // hack1: set column and filter to show all rows...
.setColumnFilterCriteria(slicerParams.columnPosition, null); // hack2: ...then reset filter
SpreadsheetApp.getActive().toast('Process completed.', '🤖 Reset Slicers says:');
} catch (e) {
SpreadsheetApp.getActive().toast(`⚠️ Oops:\n${e.message}.`, '🤖 Reset Slicers says:');
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