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Changelog for SudoHack (see (primarily for me, but also for anyone interested in the game). Most of the older messages are not as descriptive and may be strange.

SudoHack Changelog



  • Bullets make a sound when they hit a wall
  • Image gets color shifted, desaturated and noisy if player has too few bits
  • Added doors
  • Player names (non-editable yet)
  • "Tutorial rooms" - very short, stripped down rooms, which aim to make certain game play concepts/mechanics clear
  • A way to choose input type at the start of the program
  • A lot more maps
  • Collision multipsampling for the player
  • pre-commit hook in git generating a timestamp for the commit and potentially other stuff later (for demo/gameplay recording library) (to distinguish different versions)
  • "Banners" - Messages that fly in triggered by certain events (doors opened, all enemies destroyed)
  • Endscreen so the game doesn't go infinite
  • Bit gain/lose animations
  • Webinterface for demo upload key management/download
  • Weapon upgrades (super beta)
  • Dislaimer at the beginning of the game
  • Dash marks
  • Player images (trying out only one by Lukas)
  • Almost all sounds in the game now have random pitch shifts
  • demoLib for recording gameplay (testing footage) -
  • Added uploading script to database (PHP)
  • Made an uploader in Python that will be invoked when the game closes (also for crash reports) (and spent 3-4 hours making an .exe out of it)
  • New Tweakables (automatic parsing and realtime update in the code) (see blog)
  • Integrated demoLib
  • Made tickSimulation deterministic by having it's own RNG
  • A map generator
  • Loot now disappears after a while
  • Fast forward during playback mode using the space key
  • Added a broadphase for player-enemy and enemy-enemy collision detection (a grid)
  • Enemy number and corridor size scales with player number
  • Added flow field generation (recursive for all tiles, own stack, own stack with FFI and during map generation breaking compatibility) and ping particles
  • Added integration of superprintf_love2d
  • Upgrade screen with weapon upgrades, ping & dash upgrade
  • Speed and Toughness upgrades and price doubling / only being able to buy something once
  • Player statistics in dead screen with blinking prompt + a few more statistics related bonuses
  • Scrolling text, rather than cut-off text
  • Auto fullscreen with F11 + opening config with 'C'
  • An "Atrium" where player can join and leave the game with a key press (rather than adding players in the start screen)
  • Custom player names
  • Uploader is called from fused mode
  • A readme


  • Bullets have circle collision volume
  • Enemies show life loss by thinning their outline
  • A lot more Bits per picked up Bit and a lot more Bit decay -> the game feel changes drastically
  • Movement rolled back, using the old system again (forces and friction)
  • Only the player border flashes now
  • Enemies don't grow stronger gradually. Rather I want them to also differ visually and in behaviour.
  • Even faster Bit decay
  • Random weapon generator now only uses fixed damage/second. No other constraints used.
  • Dash is longer
  • Post processing can be turned off in the configuration file
  • Increased Bit pickup radius
  • Recoil a lot stronger
  • Migrated to love version 0.9.2
    • loading gamepad mappings from SDL database
  • Shoot threshhold raised (on gamepad)
  • Screenshake also shifts colors and makes the image noisy
  • Switch to GitHub's Atom (I only say this here, because I have a dozen commits that differ only in whitespace... - Otherwise that think is absolutely gorgeous)
  • GRID now only computes solid tiles (a lot faster now!)
  • More cybery caption when level is cleared ("ACCESS GRANTED")
  • Starting weapon deals more damage now
  • Optimized checkCollison to use table lookups rather than string comparisons
  • Optimized pointAABB collision a little (seems to have done a lot though)
  • GRID will only be calculated for visible tiles
  • Enemies only "think" in intervals of about once/sec rather than every frame. Behaviour and decision making are separated now.
  • Enemy physics will only be calculated if their velocity is > thresh or there was a collision last frame
  • Weapon upgrades even less likely
  • Map generator now preferes directions away from the center to avoid gaussian distributions
  • No loot weapon upgrades
  • Config is opened from save directory
  • Bit decay slower when enemies are dead
  • New ping leaves a trail (and looks a lot cybery-er and cooler)
  • Ping is now activated by pressing the left stick


  • Shock tiles now work with new movement
  • Bullets use multisample collision detection, so faster ones don't fly through walls
  • Bullets will not live through multiple maps
  • Collision multisamples don't cause bullets to collide with player more than once
  • Game can't be started without a player (Geez, Jan...)
  • The player now always has the same weapon after dying
  • Goal will no longer be unreachable. (I hope)
  • Prebuilt maps work with flow maps now
  • No Rumble on exit! Finally!
  • Small maps won't be too small and crash the game

0.1 -

  • Moved all notes to Trello, which is awesome!
  • Added "tweakables"
  • Scaled all dimensions (position, velocity, acceleration) and expressed them in units of tileSize
  • All collision geometry is now called "collisionShape"
  • Added an aim line
  • implemented setMasterVolume
  • Enemies drop Bits now
  • If bits <= 0 -> "deadscreen" -> space = new game
  • jmp tiles now implemented
  • maxBits from map file
  • Made random weapons more even in power level
  • AI had problems (colliding with dead enemies, didn't follow as it should). Now fixed and much better.
  • Starting the game again gives you a new random weapon
  • With a random sound! ShotSynth integrated.
  • Zoomed out a little
  • Implemented Dash
  • Redid movement to be more responsive (for a Gradius/R-Type feel)
  • Dash sound
  • Enemy hit flash
  • Removed angle spread, so weapons with multiple shots are better
  • Added the GRID!
  • Added Bloom and "tails" for players
  • Joystick-input now uses "gamepad mapping"-abstraction-layer
  • Twinstick-Shooting + Gamepad Rumble!
  • Added RGB shift and scanline shader
  • Tried two types of level generators, both to only mild success (I will definitely not use them in their current form)
  • Changed bullet sprite
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