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Sebastian Pfitzner pfitzseb

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View gist:cd09671e4b0d1f2557f8e4649064df44
julia> @enter wrapper()
In wrapper() at /home/pfitzseb/.julia/dev/Atom/test.jl:2
1 function wrapper()
>2 mktempdir() do dir
3 open(joinpath(dir, "test.txt"), "w") do io
4 println(io, "data")
5 end
6 end
7 end
pfitzseb / timeperiod.jl
Created Nov 27, 2019
timeperiod parsing
View timeperiod.jl
using Dates
period(::Dates.DatePart{T}, val) where T = Dates.CONVERSION_SPECIFIERS[T](val)
period(::Dates.Delim, val) = Millisecond(0)
Base.parse(t::Type{TimePeriod}, str::AbstractString, df::AbstractString) = parse(t, str, DateFormat(df))
function Base.parse(t::Type{TimePeriod}, str::AbstractString, df::DateFormat)
out = Millisecond(0)
len = length(str)
i = 1
pfitzseb / gist:37adca96a13c7097631c15e1af4b7409
Created Sep 18, 2019
open nvim when pressing enter on empty prompt
View gist:37adca96a13c7097631c15e1af4b7409
using REPL: LineEdit
Base.active_repl.interface.modes[1].on_enter = function (s)
mktemp() do path, io
input = chomp(String(take!(copy(LineEdit.buffer(s)))))
if isempty(input)
run(`nvim $(path)`)
input = read(io, String)
write(LineEdit.buffer(s), chomp(input))
View pkgcompiler_error_linux
PackageCompiler on  pathfix [?]
λ j1 juliac.jl -vasji `pwd`/hello.jl
Julia program file:
Build directory:
Build static library "hello.a":
atexit_hook_copy = copy(Base.atexit_hooks) # make backup
# clean state so that any package we use can carelessly call atexit
View gist:e5baab5b400df6c30d1a8366c4972ccc
MbedTLS on  jq/1.2
λ rm -rf ./deps/usr
MbedTLS on  jq/1.2
λ julia -e 'using Pkg;"MbedTLS")'
Building MbedTLS → `~/.julia/dev/MbedTLS/deps/build.log`
Resolving package versions...
MbedTLS on  jq/1.2
λ ls -l ./deps/usr/lib
pfitzseb / keyboardmacro.jl
Created Jun 16, 2019
keyboard macro prototype
View keyboardmacro.jl
using REPL
using REPL.LineEdit
macro keyboard()
debugprompt(@__MODULE__, Base.@locals)
View gist:d4ae4010877ba553811d84f145f4702b
julia> using Revise, JuliaInterpreter, CodeTracking
julia> bps=breakpoint(min);
julia> bps[1].framecode.scope
min(x::BigFloat, y::BigFloat) in Base.MPFR at mpfr.jl:693
julia> whereis(bps[1].framecode.scope)
[ Info: tracking Base
┌ Warning: error evaluating in module Base.MPFR: for (fJ, fC) = ((:si, :Clong), (:ui, :Culong))
pfitzseb / tmuxedit.jl
Last active Jul 27, 2019
edit in existing tmux pane that runs `vim`
View tmuxedit.jl
# put this in your startup.jl
using InteractiveUtils
tmuxsession = nothing
sessions = split(String(read(`tmux list-panes -a -F '#{pane_tty} #{session_name}'`)), '\n')
io = IOBuffer()
run(pipeline(`tty`, stdout=io))
tty = chomp(String(take!(io)))
for session in sessions
if occursin(tty, session)
View juno_demo.jl
# Juno
## Inline Evaluation
pfitzseb / TraceCalls.jl
Created Dec 17, 2018
TraceCalls.jl with Cassette
View TraceCalls.jl
module TraceCalls
using Cassette
mutable struct Trace
Cassette.@context TraceCtx
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