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Created Oct 11, 2012

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Simple ipython SQL magic
# This code can be put in any Python module, it does not require IPython
# itself to be running already. It only creates the magics subclass but
# doesn't instantiate it yet.
from IPython.core.magic import (Magics, magics_class, line_magic,
cell_magic, line_cell_magic)
import sqlite3
# The class MUST call this class decorator at creation time
class MyMagics(Magics):
cn = None
def connect(self, line):
"Connect to a database" = sqlite3.connect(line)
def sql(self, line, cell):
"Run a SQL query"
c =
return c.fetchall()
# Install using
# import <thisfile>
# ip = get_ipython()
# ip.register_magics(<thisfile>.MyMagics)
# Now you can do:
# %connect :memory:
# %%sql
# create table foo (n number)
# %%sql
# insert into foo values(1)
# etc...
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