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rgrove /
Created Aug 7, 2011
Shell script to delete useless build tags from GitHub forks of YUI 3
# This script will delete *all* local and remote tags from any git repo you run
# it in, unless they begin with "v". Please use it to remove the hundreds of
# build tags from your YUI 3 fork.
# This script will not delete branches; just tags.
set -e
spicycode / tmux.conf
Created Sep 20, 2011
The best and greatest tmux.conf ever
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# 0 is too far from ` ;)
set -g base-index 1
# Automatically set window title
set-window-option -g automatic-rename on
set-option -g set-titles on
#set -g default-terminal screen-256color
set -g status-keys vi
set -g history-limit 10000
jasonrudolph /
Created Feb 12, 2012
List remote Git branches and the last commit date for each branch. Sort by most recent commit date.
# Credit
for branch in `git branch -r | grep -v HEAD`;do echo -e `git show --format="%ci %cr" $branch | head -n 1` \\t$branch; done | sort -r
zolrath / gist:2305333
Created Apr 4, 2012
tmux status line from wemux example.
View gist:2305333

For a tmux status line as seen in the example image for the wemux project: wemux

The session on the left in the example screen shot uses a patched font from the vim-powerline project. Inconsolata-dz, you beautiful creature.

To duplicate the left status line add the following lines to your ~/tmux.conf

set -g status-left-length 32
set -g status-right-length 150
# Too many crusty old git branches? Run this to find likely candidates for deletion
# It lists all the remote branches and sorts them by age.
# Folks at pivotal shared this with me
#$ .
# 2012-05-04 09:42:29 -0700 4 minutes ago Ted & Bill \torigin/hey_Bill
jordelver / gist:3073101
Created Jul 8, 2012
Set the Mac OS X SOCKS proxy on the command line
View gist:3073101

Set the Mac OS X SOCKS proxy on the command line

a.k.a. what to do when your ISP starts blocking sites :(

Set the SOCKS proxy to local SSH tunnel

networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxy "Ethernet" localhost 8080

To clear the domain and port

earthgecko /
Last active Feb 16, 2020
shell/bash generate random alphanumeric string
# bash generate random alphanumeric string
# bash generate random 32 character alphanumeric string (upper and lowercase) and
NEW_UUID=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9' | fold -w 32 | head -n 1)
# bash generate random 32 character alphanumeric string (lowercase only)
cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9' | fold -w 32 | head -n 1
iiska /
Created Oct 24, 2012
Convert sample.jtl to csv
#! /usr/bin/env python
from xml.etree import ElementTree
from xml.sax.handler import ContentHandler
from xml.sax import parse
import csv
corvax19 / gist:4275922
Created Dec 13, 2012
Simple text encryption/decryption with openssl
View gist:4275922
echo -n "That's the text"|openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -a
Encrypt with interactive password. Encrypted message is base64-encoded afterwards.
echo -n "That's the text"|openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -a -k "MySuperPassword"
Encrypt with specified password. Encrypted message is base64-encoded afterwards.
echo "GVkYiq1b4M/8ZansBC3Jwx/UtGZzlxJPpygyC"|openssl base64 -d|openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc
Base-64 decode and decrypt message with interactive password.
echo "GVkYiq1b4M/8ZansBC3Jwx/UtGZzlxJPpygyC"|openssl base64 -d|openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -k "MySuperPassword"
ngryman /
Last active Dec 14, 2019
intellij javascript live templates

intellij javascript live templates

Just a dump of handy live templates I use with IntelliJ. They should also work with WebStorm.

How to

  • Go to settings.
  • Search for live templates.
  • Under the javascript section you should be able to manage your templates.
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