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JJediny / gist:a466eed62cee30ad45e2
Created October 5, 2015 20:42
Jekyll Liquid Cheatsheet

There are two types of markup in Liquid: Output and Tag.

  • Output markup (which may resolve to text) is surrounded by
{{ matched pairs of curly brackets (ie, braces) }}
  • Tag markup (which cannot resolve to text) is surrounded by
MarcDiethelm /
Last active July 6, 2024 13:12
How to contribute to a project on Github

This text now lives at I turned it into a Github repo so you can, you know, contribute to it by making pull requests.


If you want to contribute to a project and make it better, your help is very welcome. Contributing is also a great way to learn more about social coding on Github, new technologies and and their ecosystems and how to make constructive, helpful bug reports, feature requests and the noblest of all contributions: a good, clean pull request.