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{-# OPTIONS --cubical --safe #-}
module TrueFalse where
open import Cubical.Foundations.Everything
open import Cubical.Data.Bool
-- The following is basic stuff
true≡true : true ≡ true
true≡true = refl
-- in Cubical Agda _≡_ isn't a primitive, but a (constant) path
true≡true₂ : Path Bool true true
true≡true₂ = refl
-- but we can also have dependent paths.
eq-Bool : Path Type₀ Bool Bool
eq-Bool = refl
-- i.e. paths which endpoints are told by another path
-- (and "sadly", we have to eta-expand the path)
true≡true₃ : PathP (λ i eq-Bool i) true true
true≡true₃ = refl
-- Additionally, Cubical Agda allows to say that
-- Booleans are equal via not-isomorphism
-- (this is notEq in cubical library)
eq-not-Bool : Bool ≡ Bool
eq-not-Bool = isoToPath (iso not not notnot notnot)
-- And then, one can write what may look like non-sense
true≡false : PathP (λ i eq-not-Bool i) true false
true≡false = toPathP refl
-- "Unfortunately" Agda makes that all a bit to explicit,
-- otherwise you could see just
-- true≡false : PathP ... true false
-- true≡false = ... refl
-- and get very confused.
-- Devil is in the details (of dependent paths).
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