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xcodebuild -exportOptionsPlist available keys (Xcode 7b6)
Available keys for -exportOptionsPlist:
compileBitcode : Bool
For non-App Store exports, should Xcode re-compile the app from bitcode? Defaults to YES.
embedOnDemandResourcesAssetPacksInBundle : Bool
For non-App Store exports, if the app uses On Demand Resources and this is YES, asset packs are embedded in the app bundle so that the app can be tested without a server to host asset packs. Defaults to YES unless onDemandResourcesAssetPacksBaseURL is specified.
For non-App Store exports, if the app is using CloudKit, this configures the "" entitlement. Available options: Development and Production. Defaults to Development.
iTunesConnectAccountUsername : String
The iTunes Connect account used for App Store communication.
manifest : Dictionary
For non-App Store exports, users can download your app over the web by opening your distribution manifest file in a web browser. To generate a distribution manifest, the value of this key should be a dictionary with three sub-keys: appURL, displayImageURL, fullSizeImageURL. The additional sub-key assetPackManifestURL is required when using on demand resources.
method : String
Describes how Xcode should export the archive. Available options: app-store, ad-hoc, package, enterprise, development, and developer-id. The list of options varies based on the type of archive. Defaults to development.
onDemandResourcesAssetPacksBaseURL : String
For non-App Store exports, if the app uses On Demand Resources and embedOnDemandResourcesAssetPacksInBundle isn't YES, this should be a base URL specifying where asset packs are going to be hosted. This configures the app to download asset packs from the specified URL.
teamID : String
The Developer Portal team to use for this export. Defaults to the team used to build the archive.
thinning : String
For non-App Store exports, should Xcode thin the package for one or more device variants? Available options: <none> (Xcode produces a non-thinned universal app), <thin-for-all-variants> (Xcode produces a universal app and all available thinned variants), or a model identifier for a specific device (e.g. "iPhone7,1"). Defaults to <none>.
uploadBitcode : Bool
For App Store exports, should the package include bitcode? Defaults to YES.
uploadSymbols : Bool
For App Store exports, should the package include symbols? Defaults to YES.
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no-trouble commented Apr 26, 2017

hi,how get to teamID?

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devjangir commented May 23, 2017

you can get teamID from if you have credentials other wise you can open your .mobileprovision file in text editor and check for key
<key>TeamIdentifier</key> <array> <string>************</string> </array>
the * representation is your teamID.

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nikolayds commented May 24, 2017

how can I specify the Provisioning Profile for the achieve?
similar to
-exportProvisioningProfile "xxxx"

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evhindzin commented Aug 7, 2017


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Agenric commented Aug 14, 2017

hi, I want to change scheme options Default Location when I use CI. How can i do?

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