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Last active May 24, 2020
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Web Scraping Examples in a Few Languages

These are a few of examples of web scraping for a blog post.

Most will require installing a package using the language's package manager. The gem, cpan, and easy_install commands should be readily available for those on Mac or Linux machines. For Windows users, you may be better off searching for instructions online or finding a way to download and import the package manually.

If one of the packages fails to install, chances are you need root privileges. Try re-running the command prefixed with sudo and enter your password at the prompt, e.g. sudo gem install nokogiri.

// need to download simple_html_dom.php from SourceForge
// and place it in the same directory as this script
require_once( 'simple_html_dom.php' );
$base = '';
$query = urlencode( 'librarianship' );
$html = file_get_html( $base . $query );
$records = $html->find( '.record .data, .recordColored .data' );
foreach( $records as $record ) {
echo $record->getElementsByTagName( 'b', 0 )->plaintext . PHP_EOL;
# requires installing WWW::Mechanize, Mojo::DOM, & WWW:Mechanize::Query
# you can install from the command line with cpan
# cpan WWW::Mechanize Mojo::DOM WWW::Mechanize::Query
use WWW::Mechanize::Query;
# get rid of "wide character in print" warnings
no warnings 'utf8';
my $mech = WWW::Mechanize::Query->new();
my $base = '';
my $query = 'librarianship';
$mech->get( $base . $query );
my $titles = $mech->find( '.record .data > b, .recordColored .data > b, .record .data > a > b' );
print( $titles->text() );
print "\n";
# "Beautiful Soup" package:
# this will require installing both BeautifulSoup & lxml
# the command `easy_install BeautifulSoup lxml` should do the trick
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import urllib
base = ''
query = urllib.quote_plus( 'librarianship' )
# BeautifulSoup can use different HTML parsers & by default uses Python's
# built-in one. Unfortunately, that parser chokes on the DOAJ page for some
# reason, thus the need for lxml which is specified as the 2nd parameter here.
html = BeautifulSoup( urllib.urlopen( base + query ), 'lxml' )
records = html.findAll( class_='record') + html.findAll( class_='recordColored' )
for record in records:
print record.find( class_='data' ).find( 'b' ).get_text()
# you will need to `gem install nokogiri`
# on the command line first for this to work
require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'
base = ''
query = URI.escape( 'librarianship' )
dom = Nokogiri::HTML( open( base + query ) )
dom.css( '.record .data > b, .recordColored .data > b, .record .data > a > b' ).each do |title|
puts title.content
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