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Fortinet FSSO Peach Pit
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Peach xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ../peach.xsd">
<DataModel name="FSSO">
<Number name="PktLen" size="32" endian="big">
<Relation type="size" of="Main" expressionSet="size+4" />
<Block name="Main">
<Number name="PktTag" valueType="hex" value="80" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="PktType" valueType="hex" value="06" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="SeqLen" size="32" endian="big">
<Relation type="size" of="Seq" expressionSet="size+4" />
<Block name="Seq">
<Number name="SeqTag" valueType="hex" value="01" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="SeqType" valueType="hex" value="03" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="SeqVal" valueType="hex" value="00 00 00 01" size="32" endian="big" />
<Number name="Unk1Len" size="32" endian="big">
<Relation type="size" of="Unk1" expressionSet="size+4" />
<Block name="Unk1">
<Number name="Unk1Tag" valueType="hex" value="10" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="Unk1Type" valueType="hex" value="03" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="Unk1Val" valueType="hex" value="00 00 00 20" size="32" endian="big" />
<Number name="VerLen" size="32" endian="big">
<Relation type="size" of="Ver" expressionSet="size+4" />
<Block name="Ver">
<Number name="VerTag" valueType="hex" value="11" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="VerType" valueType="hex" value="01" size="8" endian="big" />
<String name="VerVal" value="v5.0.242-0242" />
<Blob name="VerPadding" length="3" value="00 00 00" valueType="hex" />
<Number name="SerLen" size="32" endian="big">
<Relation type="size" of="Ser" expressionSet="size+4" />
<Block name="Ser">
<Number name="SerTag" valueType="hex" value="13" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="SerType" valueType="hex" value="01" size="8" endian="big" />
<String name="SerVal" value="FGVMEV0000000000" />
<Blob name="SerPadding" length="4" value="00 00 00 00" valueType="hex" />
<Number name="AuthLen" size="32" endian="big">
<Relation type="size" of="Auth" expressionSet="size+4" />
<Block name="Auth">
<Number name="AuthTag" valueType="hex" value="12" size="8" endian="big" />
<Number name="AuthType" valueType="hex" value="01" size="8" endian="big" />
<Blob name="AuthVal" length="16" value="37 fa 30 27 21 19 16 fe fa 07 92 e2 fa 04 c5 c8" valueType="hex" />
<Import import="time" />
<StateModel name="StateFSSO" initialState="Initial">
<State name="Initial">
<Action type="output" onComplete="time.sleep(2)">
<DataModel ref="FSSO"/>
<Agent name="Local">
<Monitor class="WindowsDebugger">
<Param name="Service" value="Fortinet_FSAE" />
<Param name="WinDbgPath" value="C:\SDK\Debuggers\x64" />
<Test name="Default">
<Agent ref="Local" />
<StateModel ref="StateFSSO" />
<Publisher class="Tcp">
<Param name="Host" value="" />
<Param name="Port" value="8000" />
<Logger class="File">
<Param name="Path" value="Logs" />
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