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Send entire feed to Pinboard
#coding: utf-8
import feedparser
import urllib
import bs4
import keychain
import console
import pickle
# Get your token at:
token = keychain.get_password('pinboardapitoken','pinboard')
if token is not None:
token = pickle.loads(token)
token = pickle.dumps(console.input_alert('Pinboard API Token'))
keychain.set_password('pinboardapitoken', 'pinboard', token)
# Add the link for the RSS you'd like to send to Pinboard
rss = console.input_alert('RSS feed URL')
print 'Loading feed...'
feed = feedparser.parse(rss)
entries = feed['entries']
#replace the ‘starred’ with other tag you want.
tags = urllib.quote('starred')
for entry in entries:
query = '' + token + '&url=' + urllib.quote(entry['link']) + '&description=' + urllib.quote(entry['title'].encode('utf-8')) + '&tags=' + tags
pinboard = bs4.BeautifulSoup(urllib.urlopen(query))
print 'Added to Pinboard: ' + entry['title']
print 'Success! Added all available feed articles!'
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