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Twitter Search to Graphite
import calendar
import json
import socket
import time
import requests
from dateutil.parser import parse
graphite_server = 'localhost'
graphite_port = 2003
while True:
url = ''
resp = requests.get(url)
content = json.loads(resp.content)
counters = {}
for result in content['results']:
dt = parse(result['created_at'])
dt = dt.replace(second=0)
timestamp = calendar.timegm(dt.utctimetuple())
counters[timestamp] = counters.get(timestamp, 0) + 1
sock = socket.socket()
sock.connect((graphite_server, graphite_port))
template = 'stats.twitter {} {}\n'
for key, value in counters.iteritems():
metric = template.format(value, key)
print metric
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