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Created January 27, 2014 23:07
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Mixin to allow limiting of fields, per-request, in django-rest-framework
class AllowFieldLimitingMixin(object):
A mixin for a generic APIView that will allow the serialized fields to be
limited to a set of comma-separated values, specified via the `fields`
query parameter. This will only apply to GET requests.
_serializer_class_for_fields = {}
def get_serializer_class_for_fields(self, serializer_class, fields):
fields = fields.strip().split(',')
fields = tuple(fields)
if fields in self._serializer_class_for_fields:
return self._serializer_class_for_fields[fields]
# Doing this because a simple copy.copy() doesn't work here.
meta = type('Meta', (serializer_class.Meta, object), {'fields': fields})
LimitedFieldsSerializer = type('LimitedFieldsSerializer', (serializer_class,),
{'Meta': meta})
self._serializer_class_for_fields[fields] = LimitedFieldsSerializer
return LimitedFieldsSerializer
def get_serializer_class(self):
Allow the `fields` query parameter to limit the returned fields
in list and detail views. `fields` takes a comma-separated list of
serializer_class = super(AllowFieldLimitingMixin, self).get_serializer_class()
fields = self.request.QUERY_PARAMS.get('fields')
if self.request.method == 'GET' and fields:
return self.get_serializer_class_for_fields(serializer_class, fields)
return serializer_class
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philipn commented Jan 27, 2014

License: CC0 and/or public domain.

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