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private ListView mListView;
private ArrayAdapter mListAdapter;
private final AlphaAnimation mFadeOut = new AlphaAnimation(1.0f, 0.3f);
private final AlphaAnimation mFadeIn = new AlphaAnimation(0.3f, 1.0f);
public class OnFolderOverflowSelectedListener implements OnClickListner {
// Stuff from above
public void onClick(View v) {
// All the stuff above
philippb /
Created November 5, 2015 03:34
OnAlbumOverflowSelectedListener for custom icons in SelectionMenu - Android
public class OnAlbumOverflowSelectedListener implements OnClickListener {
private Album mAlbum;
private Context mContext;
public OnFolderOverflowSelectedListener(Context context, Album album) {
mContext = context;
mAlbum = album;
philippb /
Created March 6, 2012 20:52 — forked from weavenet/gist:1524092
Complete git repository backup script to AWS S3
# Script to backup git repo to S3
# Set bucket, dir, password and account to use for the backup. I keep mine in local env vars
# These are set by localrc which lives on an encrypted home directory and is executed by my bashrc
philippb / gist:1692506
Created January 28, 2012 03:53
Normalize pricing on andorid market data
# Prepare: add column 'price_value' and 'price_normalized' to you table
# 1) Run this one first
UPDATE top_android_apps
SET price_value = 0;
# 2) Run this one second
UPDATE top_android_apps
SET price_value = CASE
WHEN ( country IN ( 'GB', 'AU', 'CA', 'HK', 'RU' ) ) THEN