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Last active Jun 22, 2018

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Mac OS - extract handshakes from CAP files of airport command
# On Mac OSX
# Will run AIRODUMP scan of all BSSIDs
# sudo airport -s
# Will run AIRODUMP sniff on channel 11
# sudo airport en0 sniff 11
# Atm, I can't find how to sniff on all channels at the same time.
if [ $# -eq 0 ]
echo "No arguments supplied"
echo "input cap file is $1"
rm *.cap
rm small_cap*
tcpdump -r $1 -w small_cap -C 2
for f in small_cap*; do
echo "Processing ... File -> $f"
../aircrack-ng/src/wpaclean $f.cap $f > /dev/null
mergecap -a -w output_file *.cap -F pcap
rm *.cap
rm small_cap*
mv output_file output_file.cap
aircrack-ng output_file.cap
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