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extern crate chan;
extern crate chan_signal;
extern crate libc;
use chan_signal::Signal;
use std::thread;
use libc::fork;
fn main() {
// Signal gets a value when the OS sent a INT or TERM signal.
let signal = chan_signal::notify(&[Signal::INT, Signal::TERM]);
// When our work is complete, send a sentinel value on `sdone`.
let (sdone, rdone) = chan::sync(0);
match unsafe { fork() } {
0 => {
_ => {
// Wait for a signal or for work to be done.
chan_select! {
signal.recv() -> signal => {
println!("received signal: {:?}", signal)
rdone.recv() => {
println!("Program completed normally.");
fn run(_sdone: chan::Sender<()>) {
println!("Running work for 5 seconds.");
println!("Can you send a signal quickly enough?");
// Do some work.
// _sdone gets dropped which closes the channel and causes `rdone`
// to unblock.
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