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Created August 27, 2021 08:27
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1. hiltvm (applicable in top-level)
class $NAME$ @javax.inject.Inject constructor(
) : androidx.lifecycle.ViewModel() {
2. vmstatefunc (applicable in class)
private val _$NAME$ = androidx.compose.runtime.mutableStateOf<$TYPE$>($INITIAL_VALUE$)
val $NAME$: androidx.compose.runtime.State<$TYPE$> = _$NAME$
fun $FUNC$($PARAM$: $TYPE$) {
_$NAME$.value = $PARAM$
3. remstate (applicable in Kotlin except Comment)
var $NAME$ by androidx.compose.runtime.remember {
4. centerbox (applicable in Kotlin except Comment)
modifier = androidx.compose.ui.Modifier.fillMaxSize(),
contentAlignment = androidx.compose.ui.Alignment.Center
) {
5. iconbtn (applicable in Kotlin except Comment)
onClick = {
) {
imageVector = $ICON$,
contentDescription = $CONTENT_DESCRIPTION$
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Thanks, man it's awesome

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wow, this is amazing. thanks man

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Thanks philip!

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thank you Philipp Lackner, this will be helpful for me

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Awesome! as always, Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much

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They are so awesome Philip! Thanks a lot.

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Estete9 commented Nov 13, 2021

This is great Philipp! thanks a bunch

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modifier = androidx.compose.ui.Modifier

For those who find it annoying to write modifier=Modifier me.

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jefisu commented Mar 5, 2022

Thanks, Philipp.

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tnku sir <3

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Thanks Philipp very very helpful

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Thanks! Very helpful

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Coolightman commented Nov 25, 2022

I added to compose also:
'fmh' -> modifier = androidx.compose.ui.Modifier.fillMaxHeight()
'fmw' -> modifier = androidx.compose.ui.Modifier.fillMaxWidth()
'fms' -> modifier = androidx.compose.ui.Modifier.fillMaxSize()
'mmm' -> modifier: androidx.compose.ui.Modifier = Modifier
'mm' -> modifier = androidx.compose.ui.Modifier.$FUN$

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Very Helpful. Thank you Philipp!

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kamdaou commented Feb 1, 2023

You're amazing Philipp! Thanks

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A Great Help. Thanks A Lot -_-

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Thanks Philipp!

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arohim commented Feb 14, 2024

Thank you. very handy tool!

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Amazing! Thanks!

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