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CoreOS continues to build and introduce projects, products, and teams that make customers successful with Kubernetes. Join us through this next phase of growth of the company as we continue our mission to secure the internet through rapid adoption of an enterprise ready Kubernetes we call CoreOS Tectonic.

Positions are available in a variety of locations. Project

Highlighted roles below; additional roles in Sales, Project Management, IT, Marketing, and Customer Success.

Engineering: Berlin, SFO, or remote

Our engineering teams work on a variety of open source projects and enterprise products that make customers successful with containers and Kubernetes. We are also passionate about delivering upstream first and work closely on a variety of upstream projects including Kubernetes. Join a team of engineers that have expertise from the Linux Kernel to API design to distributed systems.

  • San Francisco: etcd Engineer, Web Engineer/Frontend Engineer, Sr. Distributed Systems Engineer, Test Automation Engineer - Installer
  • Berlin, Germany: Automation Engineer - Installer
  • Remote: Kubernetes Upstream Engineer

Product Management: SFO

Our product teams ensure our customers are getting the features they need to be successful on their journey to adopt containerization and Kubernetes technologies. This team has a laser focus on long-term customer success and works closely with a team of focused engineers, documentation writers, and field engineers. The customers we work with are passionate about our products and eager to learn about our roadmaps and vision.

Technical Writers: SFO

Our documentation is critical to our success with customers and although our engineering teams eagerly write documentation we need technical writers who take these functional docs and transform them into a documentation product that customers will love. The ideal candidate is someone who can take first pass docs and write well-polished documentation full of context, participate in structure & organization planning, write blog posts diving into new product features, and work with various product and engineering stakeholders.

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