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XML Webservice in Django for Debugging
from django.test import TestCase
from django.test.client import Client
import logging
class XMLWebserviceTest(TestCase):
c = Client()
def setUp(self):
self.valid_xml = """
<heading>Example XML file</heading>
<body>This is a short note!</body>
self.invalid_xml = self.valid_xml[:-3]
def test_get_request_should_return_505(self):
self.c_get = self.c.get('/webservice/xmldump/')
self.assertEquals(405, self.c_get.status_code)
def test_responses_with_xml(self):
self.c_with_body ='/webservice/xmldump/', self.valid_xml, content_type="text/xml")
self.assertEqual(200, self.c_with_body.status_code)
self.assertNotEqual("", self.c_with_body.content)
def test_responses_error_no_send_xml(self):
self.c_with_body ='/webservice/xmldump/')
self.assertEqual(500, self.c_with_body.status_code)
def test_responses_with_invalid_xml_should_receive_500(self):
self.c_with_body ='/webservice/xmldump/', self.invalid_xml, content_type="text/xml")
self.assertEqual(500, self.c_with_body.status_code)
self.assertNotEqual("", self.c_with_body.content)
def test_responses_with_xml_no_dump(self):
self.c_nodump ='/webservice/xmldump/?nodump', self.valid_xml, content_type="text/xml")
self.assertEqual(200, self.c_nodump.status_code)
self.assertEqual("", self.c_nodump.content)
def test_responses_with_response_code_and_no_dump(self):
self.c_response_code_and_nodump ='/webservice/xmldump/?nodump&response_code=401', self.valid_xml,
self.assertEqual(401, self.c_response_code_and_nodump.status_code)
self.assertEqual("", self.c_response_code_and_nodump.content)
def test_responses_with_response_code_and_dump(self):
self.c_only_response_code ='/webservice/xmldump/?response_code=401', self.valid_xml,
self.assertEqual(401, self.c_only_response_code.status_code)
self.assertEqual("", self.c_only_response_code.content)
def xmldump(request):
This view can be used to debug a configuration on a reverse proxy oder
xml firewall.
- E.g. ?response_code=500 to receive a HTTP INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
- Send an XML file to the view and it gets back to you
- ?no_dump to omit the XML file in the response body
response = HttpResponse(mimetype="text/xml;charset=UTF-8")
# specific response code is asked
response_code = request.GET.get('response_code')
if response_code:
response.status_code = int(response_code)
logger.debug("client asked for a response with %s" % response.status_code)
return response
# get data from request
data = request.POST.items()[0]
except IndexError:
data = None
response.status_code = 500
# validate xml and return if no nodump query parameter specified
s_data = StringIO.StringIO()
for line in data:
root = etree.parse(s_data)
# check if nodump
if request.META['QUERY_STRING'] == "nodump":
logger.debug("client asked for a empty response body %s" % response.status_code)
for line in data:
except Exception, e:
response.status_code = 500
return response

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philipsahli commented Jun 24, 2013

This code is now available in the repository fatrix/testws

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