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Fixup NewLink.aspx Page
(function (window) {
// are we on the NewLink.aspx page
if (!window.location.href.match(/_layouts\/NewLink.aspx\?/gi)) return;
/* is it for adding an item of a content type
inheriting the 'Document Link' content type item? */
var s=$rb.grep(params, function(e) {
var p = e.split('=');
return (p.length > 1) && p[0].match(/ContentTypeId/gi) && p[1].match(/^0x01010A/gi);
if (!s || !s.length) return;
/* now rewrite SharePoint's ValidateInput(...) function */
window.ValidateInput = function()
var L_ItemOrFolderNameTooLong_Ex = "The specified document name or URL is too long. The URL must be less than 255 characters and the document name must be less than 128 characters.\nPlease enter a shorter document name or URL.";
var L_EnterValidUrl_Text_Ex = "Enter a valid document name and URL. Valid URLs must begin with \u0027http:\u0027 or \u0027https:\u0027 and must be less than 255 characters.";
var form = document.forms.aspnetForm;
var folderUrl = form.ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_ctl01_ctl01_UrlInput.value;
var name = form.ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_ctl01_ctl01_NameInput.value;
if (name == null ||
folderUrl == null ||
typeof(name) == "undefined" ||
typeof(folderUrl) == "undefined" ||
name.length == 0 ||
return false;
if ((name.length > 128) ||
(folderUrl.length > 255))
return false;
return true;
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