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A basic introduction to using the rauth library and the Yelp API.
import rauth
import time
def main():
locations = [(39.98,-82.98),(42.24,-83.61),(41.33,-89.13)]
api_calls = []
for lat,long in locations:
params = get_search_parameters(lat,long)
#Be a good internet citizen and rate-limit yourself
##Do other processing
def get_results(params):
#Obtain these from Yelp's manage access page
consumer_key = "YOUR_KEY"
consumer_secret = "YOUR_SECRET"
token = "YOUR_TOKEN"
token_secret = "YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET"
session = rauth.OAuth1Session(
consumer_key = consumer_key
,consumer_secret = consumer_secret
,access_token = token
,access_token_secret = token_secret)
request = session.get("",params=params)
#Transforms the JSON API response into a Python dictionary
data = request.json()
return data
def get_search_parameters(lat,long):
#See the Yelp API for more details
params = {}
params["term"] = "restaurant"
params["ll"] = "{},{}".format(str(lat),str(long))
params["radius_filter"] = "2000"
params["limit"] = "10"
return params
if __name__=="__main__":
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