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## Start off with a clean project with nothing in it!
[phillord@jangai:.../cask-test-proj]$ more Cask
(source gnu)
(source melpa-stable)
(depends-on "f")
[phillord@jangai:.../cask-test-proj]$ cask install
Wrote /home/phillord/scratch/cask-test-proj/.cask/24.3.1/elpa/archives/gnu/archive-contents
Wrote /home/phillord/scratch/cask-test-proj/.cask/24.3.1/elpa/archives/melpa-stable/archive-contents
Making version-control local to dash-autoloads.el while let-bound!
phillord / gist:5591380
Created May 16, 2013 12:29
Sometimes conferences ask for response to reviews, which they send as an email. So, you put the whole lot into a text file, and annotate it with your responses. All is going well, till you submit the response, then you discovered that, for no readily apparently reason, the conference insists of PDF. Here is my generic solution.
(ns scratch_clj.eye
(:use [tawny.owl]))
(defontology things
:iri ""
:prefix "exam:")
(defoproperty partOf)
(defoproperty hasPart)