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Created November 19, 2018 00:14
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A comparison for updating tuples and strucs
defmodule TupleStructBench do
defstruct name: nil, id: nil
def update_struct(struct = %__MODULE__{}, new_name) do
%{struct | name: new_name}
def update_tuple({id, _name}, new_name) do
{id, new_name}
my_struct = %TupleStructBench{id: 42, name: ""}
my_tuple = {42, ""}
inputs = %{
"Small string" => Base.encode64(:crypto.strong_rand_bytes(1000)),
"Middle string" => Base.encode64(:crypto.strong_rand_bytes(1_000_000)),
"Big" => Base.encode64(:crypto.strong_rand_bytes(1_000_000_000))
} %{
"update name in struct" => fn(string) -> TupleStructBench.update_struct(my_struct, string) end,
"update name in tuple" => fn(string) -> TupleStructBench.update_tuple(my_tuple, string) end
}, time: 25, warmup: 10, inputs: inputs
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