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Created Sep 4, 2012
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Where is the other git-ref?
# What refs do we have for release - one?
find .git/refs/ -name Release-2012.08.01
# No two?
[olav@fern (Release-2012.08.01)]$ git show-ref | grep Release-2012.08.01
fc9b7ce40a00ab59248a2aaa4b8f0b6bb6864e85 refs/heads/Release-2012.08.01
fc9b7ce40a00ab59248a2aaa4b8f0b6bb6864e85 refs/remotes/origin/Release-2012.08.01
# Where's the second one? - not here:
[olav@fern (Release-2012.08.01)]$ ls .git/refs/remotes/origin/
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